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RJ45 male 0° / RJ45 male 0°, Gigabit
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RJ45 male 0° / RJ45 male 0°, Gigabit

FRNC/LS0H 4x2xAWG26 shielded gn UL 3m
Č.výr.: 7000-74711-4780300
Hmotnosť: 0.159 kg
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Cenníková cena za kus:
Ethernet CAT6A
Male straight – male straight
RJ45 – RJ45, 8-pole
without cable sleeves
Further cable lengths on request.
Plastic housings with good resistance against chemicals and oils.
The resistance to aggressive media should be individually tested for your application. Further details on request.
Form 74711
Technical Data
Operating voltage max. 60 V DC
Operating voltage (only UL listed) 25 V DC
Rated surge voltage 1.0 kV
Operating current per contact max. 1.76 A (UL: 1.0 A)
Material group IEC 60664-1, category I
Transfer parameters CAT6A
LED display no
Locking of ports Snap-in connector
Protection IP20
Locking material PA
Material PUR
suitable for corrugated tube (internal Ø) without
General data
Mounting method inserted
Pollution Degree 3
Temperature range -25...+85 °C, depending on cable quality
Cable number 478
No./diameter of wires 4× 2× AWG26
Wire isolation FRNC (wh, bl, wh, or, wh, gn, wh, br)
Jacket Color green
Material (jacket) FRNC
Outer Ø 6.0 mm ±5%
Bend radius (moving) 5× outer Ø
Temperature range (fixed) -20...+60 °C
Temperature range (mobile) 0...+50 °C
Material (wire) Cu wire, bare
Shield yes
Color (jacket) green
Commercial data
country of origin HU
customs tariff number 85444210
EAN 4048879595278
eClass 27061801
Packaging unit 1
Údaje pre výrobok:
  • Stiahnutie Špecifikácia
  • Stiahnutie Murrelektronik GmbH 08-07.21_(1) California Proposition 65_DoC_z_a.pdf
  • Stiahnutie Approval: UL Listed CA 7000-74711-478xxxx_E362618-DUXR7_ulc_z_a.pdf
  • Stiahnutie Approval: UL Listed US 7000-74711-478xxxx_E362618-DUXR_ul_z_a.pdf
  • Stiahnutie Information: China-RoHS Murrelektronik GmbH 15-12.20_(1) China RoHS 2 e_DoC_z_a.pdf
* only for products with UL/CSA approved cable
* bez DPH, bez Poštovné